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Before we begin, I just wanted to say that I chose to only officially date one girl in this game. Secondly, this is from the perspective of a girl who dates guys playing a guy that dates girls. My personal favorites are often different. In this game, I chose to date Ann by the flip of a coin, but it ultimately felt right , but my personal favorite was Futaba. I tried to keep this mostly spoiler-free, but obviously there will be minor spoilers. Some social links were hard to talk about without spoilers at all, so I put those under highlightable spoiler tags.

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Edit Kallen is a young woman who has a slim yet strong build, and fair skin. Her most distinguishing features are her big blue eyes and her red hair, which she had combed down at school but spiked up when fighting or in her own privacy. She has an average height, being approximately as tall as C. When she is fighting in her original Knightmare , an outdated Glasgow , Kallen wore a vest-shorts combination.

Futaba Sakura is a main character from Persona 5. She is different from the main crew of the Phantom Thieves because she is a shut-in who does not attend school and rarely, if ever, leaves her house. Futaba is a young, bespectacled girl with hip length black hair dyed bright orange with.

Butterflies are fuckhuge important to the setting as a symbol of transformation and rebirth, kind of to the tune of like having Izanagi or Jesus as your Persona. For all we know, Taylor is riding Philemon himself. You know, a part of me wonders just how many people here read that and actually understood that reference. Cause I know people who proclaim to be huge Persona fans but only go as far back as Persona 3 and bringing up Philemon only causes confused looks.

I am always confused by Persona stories. I’ve not seen much in the way of people doing explanations on the Persona setting. Though keep it mind there will be spoilers.

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You could always use adblocker. So to basically explain what this Casting Call is for exactly. Why don’t I try animating the Persona 5 characters confessing or saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” to the viewers for Valentine’s Day in ! Sorta something like Fire Emblem. But to fully make this great, I’ll need voice actors for this! I wish I could find a way to give more, but I don’t exactly have a proper job.

Persona 5 is a really long game. It tackles so many real-world issues—high school, love, politics, art, workplace exploitation, sex, social anxiety—that it was bound to get some more right.

April 4, tl;dr: Now, I can safely say that, through all the delays, pushed back release dates, and mysterious trailers, that the hour slog was worth it, and has given us, quite genuinely, one of the finest games of this console generation to date. Everything down to the menu screens are intricately detailed, with Akira strutting about like he owns the place, decked out in black and red. Oh god, the dungeons. The characters, and by extension, voice acting, is absolutely phenomenal. Persona 5 was touted as a dark game from the start, with Akira being arrested by hordes of armed police in the opening cutscene, and being sent to live with Sojiro due to assaulting someone.

It certainly touches on a lot of difficult subjects, up to and including sexual assault, blackmail, suicide, mental illness, and police corruption.

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It’s not that I had anything against the show, but for something that has become so near and dear to me, I was just nervous of anything taking away from the magic that ATLUS captured in their masterpiece of a game. Luckily after watching the first two episodes of P5A, our Phantom Thieves left me with a smile plastered on my face and a feeling of excitement that I will once again be able to dive into the Metaverse.

So if you’ve got your masks on and your code names ready, let’s see my early thoughts on the anime. Let’s get this out of the way.

Persona 5 probably has the most in-depth romance system that the series has seen. If you enter a relationship with someone, you’ll be able to take them on dates and you’ll unlock multiple special.

Facing danger, Ren awakens his Persona, Arsene. At school, Ren learns that Kamoshida is abusive towards his students and Ryuji is blamed for causing the track team to break up. When the two return to the Palace, they meet Morgana and free him from a prison cell. The next day, Shiho jumps off the school rooftop as a result of Kamoshida’s abuse, and when Ren, Ryuji, and Yuuki Mishima confront him about this, he threatens to expel the three of them.

Learning that Kamoshida can be reformed by making his Palace disappear, Ren and the others secure an infiltration route to Kamoshida’s “Treasure”. Ann, who had inadvertently followed the others inside, is encouraged by Ren to take revenge for Shiho and awakens her Persona, Carmen. In order to make Kamoshida’s Treasure obtainable, the group send Kamoshida a calling card addressed from the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”.

Upon reaching the Treasure, the gang are confronted by Shadow Kamoshida, who transforms into a powerful monster. Guided by Igor, Ren uses the power of fusion to combine Arsene and Pixie into a new Persona, allowing Ryuji to steal Kamoshida’s Treasure and weaken him. Following his defeat, Shadow Kamoshida repents his actions and his Palace disappears, which in turn causes the real Kamoshida to admit his crimes and turn himself in to the police.

After Mishima sets up a “phansite” for people to send requests to The Phantoms, Morgana takes everyone to Mementos, a joint Palace for the general public, where they defeat the Shadow of a stalker.

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Female S 79 59 83 About the measurement, when you choose custom size, you need to measure your exact body size according to the following picture instead of the costume size. Our tailors will make the costume fit for you.

Apr 18,  · For Persona 5 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “People that romance Futaba are absolutely disgusting”.Operating System: PS4, PS3.

Is it worth the premium? The Persona franchise has been huge in Japan for years. Nevertheless, Persona 5 was a huge hit in Otaku circles, and Futaba Sakura has been cosplayed at every convention since the release. It was manufactured by Phat! The main figure stands at mm tall. The figure has several pieces included to alter its appearance. There are two pairs of glasses that are made from thin metal, a PVC cat Morgana , and a total of eight different pieces to create two options for her torso.

Futaba Sakura can either wear her hoodie with her arms tucked inside her pockets, or she can fold her arms while wearing a t-shirt. To put the hoodie on Futaba Sakura first remove the arms by pulling them straight down, insert the two red pegs in the arm sockets, disconnect the head and shoulders from the body by pulling straight up, and the four pieces that make up the jacket must come together around the torso.

To remove the hoodie, first remove the head and shoulders from the body by pulling straight up, pull the brown fluffy part of the hood upward, pull the main part of the hood outward from the torso, and finally pull apart the other two pieces that make up the sweater.

Coffee, Code, and Chrysalis [Worm/Persona 5 Crossover]

Seriously, who wants to be tied down? As long as two people are together, it’s okay, right? It’s best to be free, don’t you think?

Jun 24,  · Aside from the main four heroines: Anne, Futaba, Makoto and Haru.I wonder if there are more ladies to woo and charm. In P3, there were a total of five or six (if you count Aigis) girls to ing System: PS3, PS4.

Persona 5 is full of polish, allure, charm — and more than hours of gameplay. This guide and walkthrough will show you everything you need to know. Continue increasing your relationship with party members like Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke as well as non-party members like Sojiro. She is located in Shinjuku, and you can buy the stone from her little stand. Occasionally, Yusuke or Ryuji will contact you to go see a movie or something special for the next day. Accept their requests, and spend some time with them.

This will increase your relationship with them and usually grant some bonuses to social stats. Exams are coming up soon, so start studying when you have a lot of free time. Do this in the library or in Leblanc. If you want to do above average and get some extra Charm , you need to increase your Knowledge level.

Coffee, Code, and Chrysalis [Worm/Persona 5 Crossover]

Protect Ann can shield Joker from fatal attack Rank Conversation choices of note: Can Be Found At: In the hallway after school or at the arcade on days off Rank 1:

Futaba Sakura is one of the many Confidants (Social Links) you’ll be able to obtain in Persona 5. She represents the Hermit Arcana and is easily one of the best Confidants in the entire game.

Surprisingly, you can still change her equipment and accessories. Her abilities are exceptional in exploring palaces and mementos as well as battles against shadows. Once you have her confidant unlocked, get her confidant rank at least up to Rank 4 to gain access to Position Hack, which can allow you to start the battle with the enemies in a Hold Up which can be followed up by an all-out attack or negotiation. At Rank 6, her Moral Support can also recover SP which is invaluable in prolonged exploration or grinding.

Ability List Chance to randomly cast stat-boosting buffs or party healing at the start of your turn. Mementos Scan Chance to scan and reveal the entire floor you entered in Mementos.

Persona 5 Dancing: Did we really need these costumes?

A tarot fortuneteller who tells fortunes in Shinjuku. She appears to be a quiet teacher but… A gossip journalist in her 20s. She was previously a political reporter who went against social evils. Hifumi is a student at Kosei Public High School. She previously won first place in the Female Shogi League.

Tropicalnight My version of Valentines Day with Futaba. Akira and Futaba make a promise. Futaba X Akira Rated: This is set after the defeat of the God Of Control, where Akira and Futaba spend valentines day together. Futaba X Akira Disclaimer: I don’t own Persona 5, or the Persona series. Nor do I own any characters. This is done for entertainment purposes only.

The other identity of Joker, the ultimate trickster.

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