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Facebook 1, , Fans Coming out is hard on any celeb, especially several years ago. While it is becoming more accepted today, it has been so hard in the past that many celebs chose to marry the opposite sex as a cover. Take a look at some of the celebs who married the opposite sex in order to hide their sexuality — some were even trying to hide it from themselves. She was straight, then gay, and now … straight again? Hmm, Anne seems to change her sexuality as often as a teenager changes clothes. First, she was in a relationship with James Tupper, whom she cheated on after discovering her bisexual tendencies. Anne was then in a very public intimate relationship with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres. Their split was tragic. And then in , Anne said that she had put being gay behind her. Yeah, we are just as confused as you are!

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Because Orange Is the New Black’s cast is made up of so many women of color, to not comment on the Black Lives Matter movement or the fact that such people are frequently dying at the hands of law.

The idea of TV being a downgrade from cinema has long since dissipated, and barely a week goes by without the announcement or arrival of a television project from an acclaimed talent or featuring A-list stars. The new world of small screen entertainment means that the traditional TV season is becoming less important, with some of the most popular or acclaimed shows arriving in the once-rerun-heavy summer months.

The rules are simple: Take a look, and let us know what your favorites have been in the comments. It plays out like a double-edged origin story of two brothers, with John Rayburn Kyle Chandler as the law-enforcing pillar of the community on one end, and his older brother Danny Ben Mendelsohn as the returned not-so-prodigal son who disturbs the peace on the other.

It makes indelible use of an electric ensemble cast, feeding off the chemistry that percolates between all six members of the Rayburn clan; with Mendelsohn and Chandler leading the charge in spectacular fashion, and Linda Cardellini, Sam Shepard, Sissy Spacek and Norbert Leo Butz never too far behind.

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Season four, to that point, isn’t just the best season of the series to date, but the one that’s most enveloped those narratives — none more powerful than its take on the Black Lives Matter movement. The death itself was controversial for Litchfield, as she was killed during the staging of a peaceful protest by the prison’s inmates, who wanted the imposing, tyrannical prison guard Piscatella Brad William Henke to resign.

YouTube Poussey’s death was more than just the tragic death of an inmate; it was a direct nod to several high-profile killings of black Americans by law enforcement. Garner’s final words — “I can’t breathe” — became a powerful mantra of the Black Lives Matter movement. In season four, episode 12, Poussey was being restrained by C.

taystee orange is the new black season 2 Netflix releases ‘Orange Is The New Black’ new Season 2 character posters. Find this Pin and more on Funny by Brit White. Orange is the New Black returns for a second season in just a couple of days, and FemaleFirst caught up with fan favourite Danielle Brooks for an exclusive one on one interview.

By Preston Max Allen Litchfield love is at it again! In a series usually burning with the fires of passion, this season was more of a slow burn to an upsettlingly unresolved finale where the only fun being had was on the kickball field. And not in a sexy way. And please note the obvious: Additionally, scenes are only eligible if they involve actual sex or sex acts, meaning that make-out scenes no matter how hot and bothered will not be included.

We’re starting this list off with the opposite of a good bang. Once again, literally nothing. This is a completely un-sexy scene in a serious of difficult encounters for poor Pennsatucky. Getting bit or stung by a woodland creature is definitely the wrong kind of penatration. Her joylessness radiates through the screen. Honestly, at this point, no. The real devastating things here is how this plot line was left at the end of the season.

BEST OF 2016: 17 TV Moments That Celebrated and Embraced Queer People

But even as the Netflix show enters its third season, Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey, has no idea why her character is incarcerated. Courtesy of Netflix And it can be tough to embrace that ambiguity. Wiley has spent most of her career onstage, and in the theater, she’s used to filling in the blanks about her characters.

Orange you is the new black writer divorces husband, dating morelli, one of the lead writers on the , facts, opinions, pictures, histories, records, charts, river Clyde, and other particulars that smack of our Welch language and customs.

May 7, Below, we take a look at the notable new and returning shows premiering between now and Labor Day. Be sure to visit our frequently updated TV Premiere Calendar for a quick list of all announced TV premiere dates for For one thing, Starz has already ordered a second season. So even if it is as awful as Dads which is a scientific impossibility , you’ll still get to see 20 episodes over two years. More encouraging is the name of the show’s star: Patrick Stewart, who returns to regular series television for the first time since Star Trek: He plays a hard-living British newscaster who moves to Los Angeles to host a nightly interview show on a cable news network.

Tim Robbins plays the U. Secretary of State, Jack Black is a low-level foreign service officer, and Pablo Schreiber best known as Orange Is the New Black’s Pornstache is a top naval fighter pilot, and together they must prevent the unthinkable after a rogue general seizes Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. The Chris Gethard Show Watch trailer Fusion May 28 The self-described “most bizarre and often saddest talk show in New York City” makes the jump from public access television to the fledgling Fusion network where, theoretically, it could be seen by more people, though we have yet to encounter a home that actually receives Fusion for a episode run beginning this May delayed from its previously announced April start.

Gethard originated his unusual mix of comedy, music, talk, embarrassment, human fishes, random and celebrity guests, and audience interaction live on stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where he attracted attention for stunts such as a successful Twitter campaign to get Diddy to stop by as a guest before making the jump to live weekly television in , where his show ran for over episodes.

Most of those episodes can still be watched on Gethard’s YouTube channel and Fusion has been airing some of them on Thursday nights.

A Guide To The Cast Of “Orange Is The New Black”

Tweet on Twitter There was a time, not long ago, when it was rare to see gay characters in TV shows. Never And, on those rare occasions when you would see lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender characters, they usually appeared as tragic victims or twisted killers. Seldom were they represented as whole human beings. The times have definitely changed, and now LGBT characters are seen on almost every network.

So, with Netflix binge-watching season officially in full swing, we thought it would be fun to list some of the gayest TV characters to ever grace the silver screen.

Orange Is the New Black star Samira Wiley is marrying one of the show’s writers and we are THRILLED Orange Is the New Black’s Poussey could have lived, as writers considered killing other characters.

Janae is silent as she listens to the shrill and bleached version of a song that made two Jennifers— Hudson and Holliday —stars, a tune that turned unknown Showtime at the Apollo singers into talent show winners and Harlem heroes for the night. For black women, the song had become a true anthem, a powerful declaration of worth. But this prep school recital was nothing like that; it was an appropriation that cut Janae so deeply that she could only weep.

Netflix Advertisement — Continue Reading Below The erasure of black women, the distortion and repurposing of their image to make it palatable for the masses and profitable for the powerful, are as old as bantu knots and baby hair, but the sting is always precise and sharp. But if the tale were to come from the rich, white, all-American grandmother figure? But what would the people actually hear if King were the mouthpiece: She needs to take our stories out of her mouth.

A List of 100 ‘Girl Meets Girl’ Pairings – And Not A Butch In Sight.

They are exactly what you expect: The author wrote the first sentence in a spiral-bound notebook by the side of his bed in , and uploaded the first sentence to his blog on the 5th of July, All subsequent posts encapsulate what has become the I Wrote This For You series, a seemingly never-ended photography-and-poetry project. The project, which has proven incredibly popular across the world and gone on to become a best selling book, has also afforded him numerous exciting opportunities, including an invitation to dinner with the US Ambassador to South Africa, Donald Gipps as a consultant on digital development within South Africa, and a speaking spot at TEDx Johannesburg.

Nearly of the best, most relevant entries and photos from the I Wrote This For You project were published in print and as an e-book. The book is split up into four sections; Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain.

Oct 13,  · At the New Yorker Festival panel on LGBTQ TV on Saturday, “Orange Is the New Black” creator Jenji Kohan commented on Lauren Morelli, the staff .

This article was originally published by AskMen UK. For most people, marriage is a sacred bond. And we love it. We root for you lovebirds. We give you toasters and John Lewis vouchers and cash for your honeymoon as a token of our investment in your marriage. That ring is a symbol of your together-foreverness, but sometimes that ring ceases to mean a thing and, for whatever reason, one of you finds yourself in the midst of an affair. With cheating becoming so easily accessible in the age of the app, choosing your ideal fuck-buddy is as easy as swiping right.

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Ghana gained independence in March, so I like to dedicate this month to celebrating Ghanaian writers and their work. In the African literature scene, Ghanaian writers and their books are seriously underrated. As a reader of Ghanaian heritage, I enjoy discovering new Ghanaian writers and learning about our pioneer writers. This week is the last installment of the conversations I have with writers of Ghanaian descent. I enjoyed Powder Necklace back in , before the creation of this book blog hence no book review on the site.

Mar 26,  · ‘Orange Is The New Black’ actress Samira Wiley marries Lauren Morelli, a writer and producer on the show. ‘Orange Is The New Black’ actress Samira .

August 23, Women don’t traditionally pee standing up, but you can train yourself to do so. Let’s all start by taking a moment to relive one of the greatest scenes from Orange is the New Black , in which Poussey unveils her new invention, the Stand and Deliver: There’s two things I love about this scene: What a ray of sunshine in a dark and horrible prison.

Why do women know so little about how their own bodies work? Oh, and one more thing I like about this: There are definitely times when peeing while standing up would be a wonderful convenience — at concerts, when only urinals are available, and apparently in prison, to name a few. In fact, pee funnels are a very real product. But what most people don’t realize is that women can pee standing up Indeed, contrary to popular belief, woman pee doesn’t just dribble out.

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As tends to be the case with television shows, not all of them were a good idea. Something that fans wanted to know throughout the series, especially as it neared the end, was who Sookie would end up with. Sadly, the decision made regarding her love life was one that hurt the show. Those people had their own problems as well.

Sep 14,  · Orange Is the New Black writer Lauren Morelli is dating Samira Wiley, the actress who plays Poussey, following her divorce and coming out as gay.

Keeping that in mind, we can completely understand why it often seems that relationships are short-lived in the world of Hollywood. Yet, there are some stars who stand apart from the others, and we can surely learn a whole lot about love from them. With stars who are more than happy in their relationships like Cooper Anderson, Ellen DeGeneres, and Neil Patrick Harris, we’re all thrilled to know that love still exists in tinsel town.

These days, it seems as though divorce and cheating is about as abundant as red lights when you’re about to be late for an important meeting. We have done you the favor of rounding up the biggest LGBT power couples in Hollywood because what is more beautiful than love? She has been in a loving relationship with Portia De Rossi since , and the pair tied the knot in Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka are incredibly talented individuals.

For five years, they were secretly engaged and in , the pair made it official. They became fathers to twins via surrogacy in She often kept her marriage to Alexandra Hedison on the down low.

Actress, producer-writer of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Marry