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In terms of blood consumption, Elena wants to live on a diet of animal blood, like Stefan Salvatore , in an attempt to avoid hurting someone. However, after she is unable to keep down animal blood, human blood from a blood bag or vampire blood, she begins to feed from Matt. Now that Elena is a vampire, her feelings are magnified, including her feelings for Damon, and they’re much harder for her to ignore and push aside. She also struggles with magnified grief from the loss of so many family members, and anger towards those who put her remaining friends and family in danger. As she’s learning to live as a vampire, she begins to learn that she has more in common with Damon than she does with Stefan, and while it scares her, it also makes things more exciting and opens her eyes a bit. Elena has now accepted being a vampire. With her humanity back, she becomes more determined than she wants, she goes back to being tearful in situations of pain and suffering. And more determined to discover mysterious situations making use of their gifts of compulsion. When she finally accepts that he’s gone, she breaks into tears. Damon hugs her and tries to calm her down, eventually telling her to “turn it off.

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She appeared in several notable roles in numerous movies and TV series from where she earns a good net worth. She is locally known as Dobrev. She holds both Bulgarian and Canadian Nationality and as far as her ethnicity is concerned, she is Caucasian. Her father, Konstantin is a computer expert and her mother Michaela is an artist.

When she was two years old, she shifted to Canada and started living in Toronto, Ontario.

 · Candice King Biographical Information Appearance Information Candice King (née Accola) is an American actress, singer and songwriter who portrays Caroline Forbes on The Vampire  › IMDb › Twitter › Instagram › Candice Accola Fansite.

Source “My favorite thing about playing a vampire is the stunts. It’s just a new, fun thing to do. Especially as a girl, being able to be all dolled up in heels and little outfits and be able to kick boys’ butts, I think it’s a really fun, make-believe world to play. Contents [ show ] Biography Accola was born in Houston, Texas, the daughter of Carolyn Clark , who was an environmental engineer before becoming a homemaker, and Kevin Accola, a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Accola co-wrote thirteen of the fourteen tracks on the record. The album failed to make an impact. In the album was re-released in Japan and achieved greater success. Best of Both Worlds Concert. She has a younger brother. The series was an immediate success with the series premiere reaching 4. She also became a stepmother to her new husband Joe King’s two daughters. She has a star tattoo on her right foot and a bird tattoo on her left wrist.

She dated her co-star Steven R. McQueen , from June to October

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This list includes all of the Supernatural main actors and actresses , so if they are an integral part of the show you’ll find them below. You can various bits of trivia about these Supernatural stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is. This cast list of actors from Supernatural focuses primarily on the main characters, but there may be a few actors who played smaller roles on Supernatural that are on here as well.

If you are wondering, “Who are the actors from Supernatural? In most cases you can click on the names of these popular Supernatural actors and actresses to find out more information about them. If you’re looking for a particular Supernatural actor or actress, then type their name into the “search” bar to find them directly.

 · Matthew Davis Biographical Information Appearance Information Matthew Davis is an American actor who portrays Alaric Saltzman on The Vampire Diaries. The Vampire Diaries Cast. Matthew Davis. View source. History Comments Share. Matthew Davis Biographical Information. Matt began dating actress Leelee Sobieski. In September of the same  › IMDB › Twitter.

Samantha Highfill March 08, at One person is missing. Did we forget to mention that this is a funeral? There was just that sense that the market desired this genre. This material was going to work. Eight years later, many fans remain firmly Team Delena or Team Stelena, or have dedicated themselves to another ship entirely.

But the one thing everyone can agree on: The finale airs March This is Mystic Falls, after all. Watching the kiss unfold, Plec gets within an inch of the monitor. Sitting in the middle of the town square, Plec watches as two longtime characters walk off the screen for the final time. Each goodbye is real. It was strangely emotional for me. The two of us are never going to be playing these characters ever again, and these were really important characters in television for eight years.


Vampire Diaries now has less than half the viewers it did when Dobrev was starring. The Vampire Diaries relies on a much younger audience than these other shows — and those are teens and young adults that do not sit home on Friday nights watching TV. Did the move to Friday doom Vampire Diaries to cancellation? Do Somerhalder and his castmates blame Dobrev for leaving them high and dry?

Clearly the show is suffering with ratings hovering at about a million viewers per episode compared to three to four million back in the Damon-Elena heyday. The gravy train seems to be coming to a slow, grinding halt.

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the popular book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith. The series premiered on The CW on September 10, , and concluded on March 10, , airing episodes over eight seasons.

Do you think you’ll just come back to life?! This tends to cheapen the dramatic death of a character to the point of being little more than a flesh wound if overused. If you ever hear passing mention of any form of afterlife in a series, be warned that the value of “dead” has become a whole lot less all of a sudden. Similarly, if the entire supporting cast is being killed off left and right, expect a resurrection by the end of the current arc. This trope became so common in some series that most people are more likely to be shocked if a character does not come back from the dead than when it does.

This trope’s best friend is the Reset Button. Since villains tend to do this often, it is usually necessary to kill them Deader Than Dead to ensure they don’t just come back eventually. Because normal death means little, this “advanced form” is usually permanent.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Cast, Producer Reveal 12 Teases for Season 3 and Beyond

As she goes to get the milk from the refrigerator, she is spooked by seeing the head of Bradford Meade inside. He then disappears after he tells her to think about what Bradford told her before he died. The following day at the burial of Bradford at the cemetery, Claire is allowed to attend but arrives wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and is in shackles.

 · the vampire diaries cast Elena Gilbert Nina Dobrev Elena is a girl who lost her parents in a car crash and has a younger brother named Jeremy. Elena is adopted. her mom is Isabelle and her dad is john. Elena is one of the main characters who has dated both

In a recent interview, she explained that she tried to get the actress to change her mind, teasing new ideas for allowing the character to remain in Mystic Falls. When Dobrev made the decision to leave, The Vampire Diaries were upset and angry. Some blamed Somerhalder and his new wife Nikki Reed for making the set difficult.

Rumors had spread for the last year that it was difficult for the year-old actress after dating her on-screen love interest previously. Others were upset that she wanted to leave the part, suggesting that the TV show could not continue without her. By the point of audiences finding out, The Vampire Diaries had already been renewed for a seventh season.

Something they were not ready to hear was that Dobrev had decided last year that she was no interested in signing on for a seventh year. Dobrev told Plec that she had done her initial six year and she wanted to spread her wings. She wanted no hard feelings from the cast and crew members, though.

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Nicki Swift NickiSwiftCeleb Nikki Reed has enjoyed both critical and commercial successes during the course of her still-young career, but lately the actress seems to be more famous for her personal endeavors than her screen time. So, what happened to make the Twilight alum’s career turn as stone cold as the vampire she portrayed in the hit book-to-film series? Here are some theories as to why Hollywood has lost its thirst for Nikki Reed. She hit her stride early Getty Images Reed’s very first foray into show business came by way of her own hand as she co-wrote the screenplay for the semi-autobiographical indie film Thirteen when she was just 15 years old.

Reed had enjoyed a longstanding personal relationship with then-Hollywood crewmember Catherine Hardwicke, who witnessed the personal experiences that shaped the story firsthand and helped her write the script and earn her first starring role. Hardwicke told the BBC that she’d known Reed since she was five years old and that when she hit her teen years, her attitude needed some serious adjusting.

 · It’s the beginning of the end for all you Vampire Diaries fans. Sadly, the final episode of The Vampire Diaries is already being filmed, and the pictures from set are SO bittersweet. This week

A drunk, whoring layabout and a terrible disappointment to your parents. Angel was born a human named Liam in Galway, Ireland in to a linen and silk merchant and his wife. At the age of eighteen, Liam had a failed relationship with an aristocrat named Sarah Gilfried. As a result, he became disillusioned with the women of his era, and showed distaste for noblewomen in particular, describing them as “incredibly dull, simpering morons. Liam’s father displayed near-constant disappointment in him, and was not reluctant to call him out on his shortcomings.

Despite his strained relationship with his parents, he and his little sister Kathy , had mutual affection for each other. Promising to show him the world, Darla and Liam meet. At the age of twenty-six, after a habitual night of drunken debauchery and failed attempts to seduce the family’s only maidservant, Liam and his father got into a heated argument; enraged by his son’s chronically reckless behavior, his father declared that Liam was wasting his life, and slapped him across the face.

Liam argued that he was only what his father had made him, and voiced his decision to leave home. Though his father told him that he would only end up homeless and alone, Liam stormed out. He went to a tavern, where, drunk once more, he caught the eye of a seemingly affluent woman.

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My voice changes a little bit, I think, and even just mentally, I feel like I can get away with a lot more. McQueen , who plays Elena’s brother Jeremy Gilbert. Dobrev went back home to Canada, yet, still wanting the part, she submitted a videotape audition, which saw her cast as Elena Gilbert.

Nov 23,  · The ‘Vampire Diaries’ actor and his former co-star have reportedly broken up after dating on and off for four years. posted a story for The Vampire Diaries () · .

She gained overnight popularity in the field of music after releasing the song Put Your Graffiti On Me, in She spent most of her early childhood in Los Angeles, California along with her half-brother Yakov. She holds American and Swiss nationality and regarding her ethnicity, she has a mixed ethnical background as her mother Natasha is Jewish and her father has an Americo-Liberian descent. Her parents got divorced when she was only five. She belongs to the family whose roots were actively involved in the music industry as her father was also a music executive.

Graham graduated from the Hebrew school. The actress developed passion towards acting and dancing at a young age and finally took lessons to hone those skills.

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Edit Bonnie creating an enormous and near instantaneous thunder storm by using Spirit Magic. Bonnie Bennett was one of the most powerful witches in the TVD universe. Having discovered her heritage in a relatively short time prior, her powers have developed exponentially throughout the series.

 · Chris Brochu Is The Vampire Diaries’ First Gay Character. Chris Brochu has been added to the cast as “the fun and charming Luke.” He will start

Her roles in the hit series are to date, her most acclaimed and are responsible for shooting her to prominent fame. In addition to the aforementioned, Lauren has also made appearances in other TV shows like the fantasy horror series Supernatural and the action-comedy series Chuck. Moreso, her career is not just centred on television but also extends to films some of which include — the comedy film Van Wilder: Brief Biography On January 7, , the talented actress cum model was born to an American father and an English mother.

While her birthplace is Cherry Hill, New Jersey, she spent her childhood in both Cherry Hill and Georgia where she stayed for one year before relocating to England when she was She has a mixed ancestry which includes Irish, Norwegian, and Scottish. Lauren was still very young when her parents went their separate ways. Additionally, she converted to Judaism when she was five and even had her own traditional Bat Mitzvah ceremony as a believer. She has five younger siblings.

Through the theatre group, she was able to organise plays in the locality and also toured with the company after graduation.

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